Custom Custard — A Tasty Dessert Treat

Frozen custard is rich and creamy. A decadent custard dessert may contain whipped cream, syrup, and a series of toppings, including hard-shelled candies and gummies.

A Custard Making Kit

A custard kit can be used to create custom desserts. A food supplier may sell boxed kits that contain all of the dry ingredients essential for creating a batch of custard. Milk, eggs, and cream will need to be added separately. A super-rich dessert may require the use of whole eggs, full-fat milk, and heavy cream.

A lighter dessert may require the use of egg whites and a low-fat milk or cream product. A kit that requires refrigeration may contain all of the liquid and dry ingredients needed to make a batch of custard. Custard is more creamy than ice cream. Kit ingredients can be added to a standard ice cream maker or a specialized custard-making unit.


An electric ice cream or custard maker can be used to create soft-serve desserts and frozen desserts. First, decisions should be made about the flavorings that a custard product will contain. Custard can be served in a similar fashion as a banana split or sundae. If custard will be enjoyed at a party or another social event, setting up a custard bar may be desired.

A custard bar should contain all of the custard toppings and accompaniments. First, the individual who will be serving the custard should use an ice cream maker or custard maker to prepare a custard mix. Measuring cups and spoons may be needed to gauge how much of each ingredient is added to a batch of custard. Because a person can get sick from eating raw or undercooked eggs, a manufacturer of a mix may recommend that a custard mix is heated up first.

All of the ingredients should be added to a bowl. Lightly whisking the ingredients will blend the custard mix. Custard should be poured into a pot or pan and placed on a stovetop. After the custard mix is removed from the stovetop, it will need some time to cool. Once a custard mix has been poured into a machine, it will be transformed into a dessert product.

A cooling chamber will help thicken up a custard product. Custard that is prepared can be consumed or frozen. If a firmer custard product is desired, a batch of custard should be placed in a freezer for several hours. For more information on a frozen custard mix, contact a professional near you.